aidScans 4.7

This version of the program comes with in-slice distance estimation tool and slice areas chart.

The distance estimation tool allows to measure a length between points on a slice: diameter of a tumor, craniometry, distance between eyes, width of a nose etc.

Slice areas chart illustrates how an area of a marked tumor, organ or body changes from a slice to a slice.

Math helps. This project is dedicated for problems handled by math and software which arise while cancer treatment. The journey of math support starts from interpretation and filtering of tomography data, followed by multiple tasks of screening and visualization, distance-area-volume estimation, optimization of parameters for gamma-knives, modeling and prototyping.

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3D-scanner, homemade

Initial experiment of capturing 3D-object took place. 3D-scanner is made using available components: laser pointer, glass, digital camera and rotating platform (constructed using a plate and couple round DVD-packs.